When the Universe is on Your Side (or not)

When the universe is on your side, go with it.

Whenever you get a small win, take it. Appreciate it. Think about how it would have been different had things not aligned perfectly.

Also, don’t overlook opportunity solely based on how it’s presented. Really give it some consideration. It might not be the opportunity you wanted or expected, but it might play a key role in reaching your overall goal.

Some opportunities may move you into a location where you have an opportunity to meet others that you can help and that can help you in reaching goals.

Other opportunities might get you exposure that could help navigate to your destination.

The key here is navigation. The goal is the end point, but your route may change several times. It could even up end being shorter than you expected.

Step outside of yourself and ask, “What benefit does this have?” And “What can I gain from this?”

Try to avoid the “absolute” mindset that many people have, as this will cut you off from opportunity often. Thoughts like, “This isn’t what I wanted” or “I will wait until I get the right opportunity” will reduce your chances of positioning yourself for the opportunity you do want.

What if I told you, you could perform live at a show no one heard of, and I won’t pay you. Not very appealing is it? What if I forgot to tell you that this show is actually a pilot for a new series being pitched to a network television show airing in 2 weeks?

Not everyone communicates the same way, and people prioritize differently. What I think is important to communicate to you may not motivate you at all. This is why it’s important to probe more into it opportunities. Ask more questions, get a full understanding, then make a decision.

I’m not saying take every opportunity, that’s not a smart move. What I’m recommending is to not dismiss everything that is outside of your current mindset, because you might look back from a different perspective and wish you had taken advantage.

Let’s call it Future Vision. Hindsight is 20/20, but I’m sure you can get close to that if you get more info upfront.

Go with the universe, just don’t forget what your goal is (don’t be afraid to change it either).

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