Top 10 Excuses to Not Achieve Your Dreams [And How to Beat Them]

1. I don’t have enough time

Lies! You have enough time. Your wasting it somewhere else. There are 24 hours in a day. Let’s get a mini-list of your time suckers.

How many do you spend on TV, games, “hanging out”, partying, facebook, twitter, instagram, and general bullshitting? Got it?

Ok, round two- Thinking about the past, worrying about the future, waiting till you “feel it,” creating more work for yourself in areas you are skilled in, and working overtime/second job if you don’t really need to?


Not yet! Listening to others validate your excuses, talking to people who only complain and don’t take action, and anything else you make up so you can make this excuse sound lovely.

How to Beat This:
Stop it. You’re a liar. You have just as much time as everyone. You haven’t decided what’s most important to you, so everyone and everything else is deciding that for you. Take control, own your time. What do you really want?

Even 15 minutes a day is better than nothing at all. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish.

2. I’m too tired

This one sounds pretty good right? Who can do anything if they’re tired? Even you do start something, it’s tough to focus or retain anything.

But what do you do all day? You aren’t too tired to do everything else that you normally do. You might say you are, but every time you take an action, you expend energy, which means you had the energy at some point.

How to Beat This:
Choose what time of day you have the most energy, and put this towards your dream. Is it when you wake up? After you exercise? After you watch your favorite show? When the moon is rising?

Listen to your body and work with yourself, not against yourself. When you have the energy, jump into action. Don’t wait for it to fade so that you can complain about not having energy, because you did have it. You chose to waste it. Make better energy decisions.

Again, something is better than nothing at all, and 1 productive hour is worth way more 3 unproductive hours.

3. I have too much to do

Another good one! While this is not always a lie, it is your fault (mostly).

At one point, I’m sure you did not have a lot to do. What changed? What did you add? Can you take it away?

Of course, family, kids, jobs, and general life things can’t be taken away, but I challenge you to really think about what it is that you “have” to do? What is it that only you can do? Do those things, and work your way out of the rest.

How to Beat This:
Come up with a plan. Are there any responsibilities that can be done at certain times in the day? Can you combine tasks? Can someone help, and do you even need to do it?

If you truly can’t take anything away, where can you start to make small changes, and little pockets of action? Try listing out ideas, and working on those little by little. Or start a dream fund, where you put something, anything towards saving for the day where you are ready to invest in yourself and commit to your goal.

4. I don’t have enough money

I almost made this #1. Almost. It’s touchy. I didn’t come from a background with money, so I understand how challenging it can be, and how it can seem to be a limited resource.

I want you to ask yourself a few questions, though. How much have you spent on feeling good, and how much have you spent on your goals and dreams? How much debt do you have from school, cars, credit cards, mortgages, and how much interest have you paid on that? How many times have you gone shopping to buy the products of someone else’s dreams instead of investing in yourself?

How to Beat This:
Figure out how much is “enough.” Literally sit the fuck down, and write out how much you need to start. Not the fancy end goal, just the start. It won’t be as much as you feel, I promise (whether that number is higher or lower than you expect). Then compare this to what I asked you to ask yourself above. How much have you spent paying interest on debt? Would this have been enough?

Then come up with a plan to get that amount of money, and fucking use it for your dream!

Don’t waste a dime of it on anything else. Get a second job if you need to. Cut costs wherever you can. What would you do if you lost everything that you have right now? You would focus on the basics first. Food, shelter, water. Approach your dream the same way. Treat it like it is critical, then do the extras.

5. It’s not the right time

It’s never the right time, and it never will be. So any time is the right time. Time is a bubble and your floating in it until you suffocate. Take a breathe and take a step.

I personally hate this excuse because I’ve used it for so long. Imagine the disappointment and pain you would feel if you have an idea you thought was great, and you waited. Then years later you see it wildly successful, all over the news, the creator is a millionaire, etc. That could have been you. You could have been first. It still can be you. You have to start now though.

How to Beat This:
Start now. Stop thinking about what the right time will look, feel and sound right. It won’t happen. This isn’t a movie. Get over it and get moving.

6. I’m not good enough

You aren’t. Who is? Most successful people are average at what they. Those who skyrocket are good, but they weren’t always. They worked for it, built on their talents, and kept working some more.

How to Beat This:
Accept that you are not good enough and never will be, and get started. Even if you master every technique for what it is you are trying to do, there will be something new.

And guess what?

The people who like your work will think you are fucking amazing, so don’t worry about it. You’re good.

7. I’m too young or too old

This doesn’t even make sense. I’m not even going to tell you how to overcome this one.

How to Beat This:
Search google for the richest people in the world. Where does it list their age? Where does it list what age they started being rich? Most likely will just mention the year their achievements were made.

Search google for people who started their dreams at whatever age you are. You’ll find somebody.

Nobody cares about your age. When you become successful, they will because they’ll be just like you are right now.

8. I don’t know how or it’s too difficult

You won’t know how, if you did this wouldn’t be an issue. It is difficult. Learn your tools and it won’t be.

How to Beat This:
You are a student forever. You must learn new things, and try new things to advance in a different direction than the one you have been moving in your whole life. That shit is not easy. It’s just tougher now because you are starting a new path, with little to no guidance, and probably little to no support.

Read books, read blogs, practice, practice, practice. Don’t settle and don’t look for mastery (unless you want to). Focus on execution and learning the tools of your trade.

9. I don’t have enough support

Who does?

People are going to think you are crazy, stupid, irrational, delusional, risky, insane, etc.

How to Beat This:
Come to terms with the fact that every one around you is afraid of failure, and the only way for them to feel better about their fear is tell you why you’re wrong.

Then start taking action towards your future.

10. It might not work

It might not. And? A lot of things might not do some things. A lot of other things might do other things.

It doesn’t matter, this part is all in your head.

How to Beat This:
A lack of focus and commitment will nearly guarantee failure. Give it your all and don’t hold back. If you half-ass it, you won’t realize it’s full potential.

If no one taught you what failure was, would you care? Do you even know what success will look like for you when you achieve it?

Just give it a shot. Fear is natural. Eat it and move forward.

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