Tools of the Trade

Hey! Some people ask me about what I equipment/software/tools I use, so I set up this page to list everything out. When things change with my setup, I will update the page. I will also drop recommendation/reviews from time to time for alternative options. These are affiliate links, so if I provided value on making a decision or getting started, it would be appreciated if you use these for your purchase. Anyway – Happy Hunting! Drop a line at and show me what you’re working on!

CPU: (
Graphics Card: (
RAM: (

Mic: (
Audio Interface/Soundcard(
Mixer (Streaming): (
Monitors (Producing): (
Headphones (Mixing/Mastering): (

[Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam](

[Playstation 4!!!](

Music Production:
[FL Studio Starter](
[FL Studio Producer*](
[FL Studio Signature](
[Ableton Live (Soon)](
[Ableton Push (Soon)](

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