Premium Mixing Services

Mixing brings out the best of all the components that go into a sound recording. Mixing is the process of taking all the audio components and recordings, and achieving a balanced and sonically cohesive final product. This process includes balancing the volume of each individual track and the mix as a whole, frequency equalization, and applying FX processing to achieve an enhanced and/or creative sonic landscape for the song. It is truly the process that enables your work to transition from a foggy image to a clear vision.

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From: $30.00 / month
From: $60.00 / month
Ok, so what is Mastering then?

Mastering is preparing a recording for distribution. This includes a lot of functions, but primarily it is checking for errors in the mix and audio, applying enhancing effects to strengthen the balance of elements and bring out the strongest qualities of the work. On a more technical side, it is the skillful application of EQ, compression and various other techniques to prepare the song to be duplicated across downloads, physical duplication, live performance, and more. It helps ensure the song sounds the same across the hundreds of thousands of different playback systems and user environments so that the quality of your work is not compromised due to poor sonic conditions. Ever heard of mono? Yes, people still use it.

From: $23.00 / month