Learn How to Be A Music Producer, From a Music Producer

Grow your skills, get the sounds out of your head and into the world.

Learn how to make beats to and start finding YOUR sound.

Free Lessons and Tutorials

Streamed live on Twitch at different times – follow me on there or other social media (everything is @iamNokami) for updates. twitch.tv/iamNokami
Show up, ask questions, eat popping corn! 🙂

Private Lessons

$120 an hour via skype scheduled flexibly via email. If you use another service, I’m open to trying what software is convenient to you.
Email me at iamNokami@gmail.com or through the contact page with the subject “LESSONS”

Areas of Strength:

Genres: Sampling, Hip Hop, EDM Trap

Skills: Producing, Mixing, Mastering

You Might Ask Yourself…

How to become a music producer? The first step is to start. You often here about the 10,000 hours rule. You don’t need that. To become a music producer, you need to select a program or machine and get started. To avoid needing 10,000 hours to get good, you need a mentor to help point out mistakes quickly and help correct them. This will help you get past the basics and move into finding your sound.

How to Get Better at Making Beats?

It’s a challenge. You try and you try, but the sound just doesn’t come out right. You bang your head against the wall and question every decision you’ve made. “Maybe this is isn’t for me” you start to think. I get it. I want you to get past this. That’s why I’m here to help. You will be able to overcome beat block, produce more (in less time), and get closer and closer to getting the vision that is in your head out into the world.