How to Create Music that Gets More Listeners

How to Create Music that Gets More Listeners


Possibly the most frustrating thing for an artist is to not be acknowledged for their hard work. Even worse, when someone finally listens all they have is reasons why you suck and they don’t like your music. Endless days of posting music to a page that seems to be on the dead side of the internet, only to look over and see the “suggested” category next yours has like, 100,000 plays.

There are many ways you can stand out and grab people’s attention, without compromising on your work.

1. Don’t rush it.

People have low trust and short attention spans. Hard to fuck up their day, right? Make sure you craft your song the way you think it should be before you release it. If they do take that slim chance and click play on your life’s work, make sure it’s a true representation of your style, work, and vision. If they love it, you just got a fan. If not, you won’t be left wondering what could’ve been had you released the song the way you wanted.

2. Be conscious of musical trends.

This does not mean copy it or change your style. Do that if you want. At the very least you have to understand that your style may not be very popular, so it will take a little more work to reach the people who will vibe with your music’s style. That’s ok. Again, the goal is to build a following, not hop on the bandwagon.

3. If you don’t have a set style, consider fusing popular trends with your main style.

In other words fu-sion (haaa!). Actually, I think Goku explained this concept beautifully. Can you incorporate 808s somehow (just the bass kicks)? What about a poppy synth sound? Are there any vocal performance techniques or mixing trends that you can try out? It’s nothing wrong with experimenting. I support originality, but I also support reality. You have to figure out what your goals are and who you are trying to reach. So what if it sounds a little funny, it’s the end result that we’re after right?

4. Get it mixed and mastered.

Ignore it all you want, but it matters. Most listeners aren’t musically inclined, but they can feel when something sounds shitty. Don’t make them feel bad. Get the clarity and energy the song needs to fit the quality that the average user expects when they play a song. Remember that trust thing? Yea, don’t hype up weak shit.

5. Make music from the heart, soul or wherever it comes out of.

Just be you. It’s a lot of work keeping up a persona if it’s not even close to who you are. When (not if) you run into creator’s block (and it will happen), you would have much less to draw on for inspiration because you made up the personality to begin with. If you are yourself, you can talk about your experiences more easily and creatively, without wondering if it matches the face you’ve already shown the public.

Also, as a bonus, here are 2 MAJOR tips to have higher success rates with gaining fans and followers, online and offline.

1. Have an idea of who would like your music.

Do you think of bubblegum and ice cream treats when you make a song? Who else thinks about those things, and where would they be? Go to them. Get their feedback. Ask if they have any requests that they would like to hear you make.

2. Be a (helpful) part of their life.

You don’t have to marry them, just provide some kind of value. Think of your other talents outside of music here. Can you make people laugh? That would be awesome. They start off with a smile and don’t feel so pressured to check more of your work. You’ve already brightened their day. Do they like motivation? What are the goals of your audience? These questions are your answers. Maybe have something to help college students with time management, I don’t know. It’s up to you. Figure what they want, give it to them for free, then ask for them to check out/share your music.

Don’t quit. The world needs what you have, and you need to find the people who need it. Make sense?

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