How to Get Royalties from Facebook and Instagram for Your Music

Hey You! Want to get royalties from your music being used on Facebook, Instagram and Oculus rift? Read this so you can get set up properly with The Harry Fox Agency. If you do not know who they are, please get familiar as they are an essential player in the music industry and are responsible for millions of musicians getting paid for their work.

What: Facebook is working with Rumblefish services (responsible for YouTube music licensing) to offer direct licenses for Facebook. This will allow publishers (including independent publishers) to receive benefits of monetized content on Facebook.

Deadline: 3/12/2018 to accept the license. If you do not have an account, allow for 5 business days for the account to be created. Your deadline would be 3/5/2018 to request the account to be opened, or you’re out of luck for the next half-a-decade.


    1. Sign up for an account here. (This will allow you to get publishing royalties from Spotify, Apple, Facebook, and other properties as well.
    2. Review the license agreement carefully (access the portal here). It’s a lot of stuff in there, but consider this experience in reading publishing contracts. Some really interesting details in the contract (I sound like a nerd, I don’t care). Opt-in when you’re ready/done reviewing if you wish to enter the agreement.Harry Fox Agency agreement portal
    3. Accepting the offer will result in a direct license between your company and Facebook. You do not need to be affiliated with HFA to participate; however, you will need an HFA Online Account. If you have questions regarding this opportunity, please email and include the publishing company name.


 You’re done! Now, as far as registering your songs, please review the help resources that Harry Fox Agency has available on their website or reach out to them directly.

Share this with your musician, producer, and recording artist friends asap so that they do not miss the opportunity to get into this as an independent creator!

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