Action Chants! Vocal Sample Kit

Because lit is not lit enough.


You can point out most of the sounds when you hear other’s people’s beats these days (Zaytoven Chant, am I right?).


It’s time for something new.

These vocal chants were crafted from scratch and processed with tools from the top brands – iZotope, Waves, ProTools, and a few boutique pieces of equipment.


In pristine 24-bit, 44.1k sample quality, ready for anything.


You can drag, drop, and be blown away in seconds by the sheer sonic power of these sounds.


One of the popular songs I made that featured these all-new sounds is almost a 2,000 organic plays:

Another gem is at 330 plays with no promo:

You are one step closer to standing out among the sea of 1000s of producers.


Get yours today.


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