Nokami Sensei, KeyBlade in hand.

Composer, Anime Otaku, Gamer Enthusiast

With passion and zeal, Nokami aims to blend the culture of anime, video games, and hip hop into one exciting mix of nostalgia and expression, for all to enjoy.

Why anime, games, and hip hop?

All of these art forms were once shunned and looked down upon by other cultures and the deep roots of tradition. This common experience existed because the artists dared to be different.

They explore the human experience in a unique, raw, and authentic way. They touch the darkest parts of the mind and say the thoughts we are afraid to share.

Above all, they each help us find a deeper connection to ourselves.


Nokami Sensei’s burning desire is to step forward with the culture so that we can all shout “I AM HERE!”


No regrets. No apologies. No more hiding.

No more trying to fit the mold of what we SHOULD enjoy.

No more being told what ART is.

No more being told how WE should express ourselves.

Expression is free. Acceptance sold separately.

Join Nokami on this amazing journey of discovery…